The M word.

Marketing and medicine are two words that sometimes don’t sit comfortably together. Though marketing is simply the process of being visible and accessible to those who need to find you.

In the same way that you look after your reputation by word of mouth, a good website and marketing strategy emphasises your credentials, experience, compassion and services to support the patient.

We’ll help not just bring in new patients. We’ll help you achieve greater visibility and recognition within your community.

With a customised website and search engine optimisation work, you should notice a difference in patient inflow within a few weeks.

  • Google
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Whoogle are you?

When did you last Google yourself? Or a colleague? More crucially, how happy were you with the results? We live in a world where our first instinct when in need of information, reassurance or communication is to ‘Google it’.

Information and visibility reassures both patients and fellow professionals.

  • Those in need of a good doctor are not always in search of treatment.
  • Recruiters, researchers, pharmaceutical companies seeking help with trials – all need to identify good people by their competencies and interests.

A website allows those that need to know access to a wider view of your history and capabilities, without having to break through your natural wall of deference and self-effacement.


It's important to know who, when and how, people are using your website.

We ensure that each month your website delivers all the important information you need in an easy to read report.

Our reports can show you the following information :-

  • Number of visits, and number of unique visitors
  • The search engine keywords and phrases used to find your site
  • Visits duration and frequency of visits
  • Days of week and hours of day
  • Visitors by country and region
  • Most viewed, entry and exit pages
  • Default language on visitor's system
  • Browsers used by users of your site

Patient Powered

Every month, patients and their families take the initiative and conduct thousands of web searches to identify the best specialist or unit for their medical need. Today's patient is increasingly likely to turn up to their GP with a web researched shortlist of who they'd like to be referred to.

Medical insurers too are becoming less directive - providing patients with a menu of Consultants and hospitals to choose from.

  • Link with the technology and information services that insurance companies, the media and online centres of knowledge use to guide and inform patient decisions.
  • Overseas patients? Multi language versions and 'findability' in searches conducted in overseas internet territories and other languages.

Flexibility is the key

It's often useful to take a broad approach to your marketing plan, incorporating a number of effective advertising channels and improving visibility on the web and elsewhere.

  • Directories and listing on information sites
  • PPC campaigns
  • Banners
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters & Email
  • Brochure & Leaflet Design
  • Logo and graphic design

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