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By using this website or our services, you agree acceptance of our terms, as well as your waiver of any claims against Medical Web Design or its contractors arising out of your use of our services or this website. You accept that any information offered within this website is advisory and that Medical Web Design accepts no responsibility for its accuracy. Any information offered though out this website may change from time to time. We make no representation, warranty or claim that any information available within this website is up to date or accurate. Medical Web Design reserves the right to change its prices and T&C's without prior notice.>


All websites are designed to be compatible with Internet Explorer 5 and above, websites are also compatible with, Firefox, Safari, Netscape and Opera, however some features may not always be supported by these browsers. All websites are optimised for viewing at a 1024 x 800 resolution but shall be usable at resolutions from 800 x 600 and upwards.

Bespoke website design and SEO:

Any quotation given for bespoke website design or SEO will be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of submission. A non-refundable 30% deposit will become due on acceptance of our quotation and shall be paid before any work commences. The remaining 70% will become due on completion of your website. Any amounts owed shall be paid as soon as they become due.

IPR's - You agree that you own the intellectual property rights of any content provided to Medical Web Design, or that the owner has given you permission to use the content and will allow Medical Web Design to use it on your behalf.

Once paid for in full, websites become the property of the client. However, you agree that only one copy of a website can be made available on the World Wide Web and that any stock photography provided by Medical Web Design remains our property and shall not be used intentionally in any other design or reused outside of the website provided by Medical Web Design. If provided, any database query strings along with any ASP.NET and PHP files will also remain the property of Medical Web Design and/or its sub contractors. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the services or products provided by us. Website files may be provided via e-mail.

We provide a search engine optimisation service for any client utilising our bespoke design service. Medical Web Design makes no guarantees of ongoing performance of our client websites and cannot be held responsible for any drop in traffic or search engine ranking.

If Medical Web Design cease trading, all website files will be handed over to the client.


You agree that the content used in any design by Medical Web Design will not in any way be unlawful, misleading, abusive, offensive, prejudicial or is likely to expose us to claims, lead us into prosecution, criticism, disrepute or cause us embarrassment.


We have links with some of the UK's largest hosting providers. By selecting only the most reputable providers, Medical Web Design can ensure maximum uptime and continued reliable service to our clients. However, no guarantee of service can be made by Medical Web Design on behalf of the host. Medical Web Design will remain your point of contact for any issues you have with the service and will do everything in its power to resolve problems as swiftly and as professionally as possible. Hosting services are available on 12 month contracts only.

Logo and stationery design:

Any quotation given for logo design or stationery design other marketing production work will be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of submission.

Domain names:

Medical Web Design offer a domain registration service subject to the Nominet Terms and Conditions. Prices stated on this website include an administration charge for carrying out the registration. The domain name will be registered in your name and/or business name through a third party company as selected by us. If you choose Medical Web Design to carry out the registration, administration rights of the domain name should remain with us whilst legal ownership remains with you. You should receive a confirmation of registration from Nominet, the UK Internet names organisation, within 6 months of registration. A reminder will be sent to you by Medical Web Design via e-mail approximately 6 weeks before the domain name is due to expire. For this reason, it is your responsibility to keep us up to date with your e-mail details to ensure you receive these notifications. You accept that Medical Web Design will not be held responsible for a missed registration of any domain name. It is your responsibility to send written confirmation of renewal to Medical Web Design along with payment for registration at least 2 weeks before the domain name expires.

Warning: for .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz domains, if you do not renew the domain during the 40 days after its expiry date, the domain will enter a period of Redemption. This starts at 45 days after expiry and ends 75 days after expiry. During this time the domain may be renewed, however there will be a charge of £220. At the end of redemption, and following a further five days, if the domain has still not been renewed, it will become publicly available for registration. For all other suffixes, If you do not renew your domain name before the expiry date, it will expire and will become available for other people to register.


Invoices will be sent via e-mail (or post if requested) in PDF format, you will require a copy of Acrobat Reader to open the file. This software is available freely from - Monthly hosting and service invoices are sent via e-mail at the end of each month and should be paid in full within 30 working days or as per the invoice/agreement. Late payment of any invoice will attract a fee of 5%. Payment may be made by cheque, bank transfer, or direct payment at your local bank.

Virus protection:

Whilst we carry out regular virus checks on our systems and virus check every incoming and outgoing file, we make no warranties that files sent from Medical Web Design are free from virus infection and recommend you virus check all files received from us prior to opening or executing.

Client login area:

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