Break The Cycle

Break The Cycle has proven to be a vital source of funding for Bristol Rugby Community Foundation during tough financial times and in the last year it has helped fund our Spectrum programme, working with young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities; and our Eagle Project which promotes Ladies' Rugby and encourages girls across Bristol to get involved.

At Bristol Rugby Community Foundation, we have proven that the sport of Rugby Union has unique engagement qualities. This engagement gives us the opportunity to make real and lasting changes to the lives of some of the most 'at risk' young people in our community today.

I would like to thank every single rider who has taken part in Break The Cycle event over the last 10 years. I cannot emphasize strongly enough just how important the funds raised have been in the continued success of our multi-Parliamentary Award-winning charity.

Whether you are new to cycling or a regular sportif rider; whether you would like to support a local charity or are looking for a corporate team building challenge; or if you fancy the challenge of cycling 35, 65 or 100 miles in 1-day with a team of friends then Break The Cycle is for you!

Entries are now open. Good luck and I look forward to joining you in the saddle.